Top 5 Tips for Promoting Facebook Posts Like a Pro

Are you using Facebook promoted posts yet? Do you actually WANT people to see your content? Here are 5 tips to get you started.

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Quick Hack To Find Your Facebook / Email Overlap

Say you have 100,000 email subscribers and 60,000 Facebook fans. You know there’s a big overlap there. But, just how big is that overlap? Thanks to a clever little hack using Facebook’s Power Editor, we now know how to estimate that.

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This one weird trick will keep your Facebook ad from being rejected

Are your Facebook ad images or promoted posts being rejected by Facebook? Learn about their 20% rule to make sure your org’s images are never rejected again!

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Shazam! Your email list is now your Facebook list. 4 ways to take advantage

Big news from Facebooklandia: In addition to targeting Facebook ads by geography and interest, nonprofits can now upload lists of email addresses and target Facebook ads to specific individuals.

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