The Power of the Premium: Convincing Prospective Donors to Give

There’s no denying that the recent economic downturn is affecting nonprofit organizations’ funding streams. Although a recent M+R study found that nonprofit online fundraising continued to grow through the end of 2008, we did note that average gift sizes have declined considerably.

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Going Beyond Fundraising Appeals to Reach an Online Goal

I wanted to share some interesting information from a successful online fundraising campaign we launched on June 7th  for our client, the Save Darfur Coalition (

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Online Fundraising Tactics – What Works?

When it comes to online fundraising, there is no “one size fits all” magic formula to inspire list members to give. However, some tactics do work better than others.

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Review of Recent Online Communications Benchmarks Studies

As more and more organizations turn to the Internet to enhance and expand their fundraising, advocacy and communications work, a number of key questions have arisen, including:

How does our online program compare to other programs?
What are reasonable goals for list growth, response rates, churn ra

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Do Email Silences Matter?

Are you one of the many email fundraisers, organizers, advocates or marketers who view their online statistics with a sigh? Do you fantasize about sky-high open, click-through, and response rates… a list with zero unsubscribes? If so, you are not alone.

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Do Images Help or Hurt Your Email Campaigns?

Once upon a time in cyberspace, we assumed that including an image in an email action alert or fundraising appeal would make it more effective. But that era may have come and gone.

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Why Open Rates are Dropping and What it Means for You

Open rates are dropping like flies. When we examined data from 15 national non-profit groups we found a steady, striking decline in email open rates across all the groups over the past two years.

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Cultivating New List Members

Want to Cultivate New List Members? Skip the Small Talk!
Thinking about sending out a carefully crafted welcome message to help introduce new list members to your organization and get them engaged in your work? Better think again!  If your goal is to cultivate good activists and/or donors, it seems

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