Sacred Cow Tipping: When Best Practices Aren’t Best

Rules are meant to be broken, and the sacred cows of online fundraising are ready to be tipped. Check out 3 examples of success that go against so-called best practices.

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What to do when City Hall plans to cut your budget, or how a kinkajou grabbed the Mayor’s attention

Every year, the Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium have to fight for city funding – but this year the stakes were especially high. Find out how our campaign helped save their funding!

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How We Boosted Run for the Wild’s Fundraising by 85%!

Want to know how M+R helped boost the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Run for the Wild fundraising by 85%? Check out this article to find out what made such a huge difference.

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Are you gamifying your emails?

Of this list of rewards, which do you think online donors want the most? Status, power, access, or stuff? The answer may surprise you.

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Discounted memberships: A short term gain with long term rewards

Over a year ago, M+R released the results of a test in which we dropped the price of membership with a major nonprofit from $35 to $25 for a limited time for subscribers who had never become members.

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2010 Nonprofit Text Messaging Benchmarks Study

Note: This is an archived publication! Visit for the most recent versions of all our Benchmarks studies and Benchmarks Extras.
The 2010 Nonprofit Text Messaging Benchmarks report is the first of its kind. A joint venture between M+R and MobileActive.

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How Cross Promotions Can Help Your Organization

Sharing lists for fundraising outreach has long been accepted as a cost-effective practice in the direct mail world. But list sharing has yet to be applied to online lists in any great numbers.

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