The 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study – Get it while it’s hot!

It’s here: the latest in online messaging, fundraising, advocacy, social media, and mobile metrics for nonprofits. Download the FREE report today!

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Storytelling and the Art of Email Writing

How can smart organizations harness the power of stories to communicate with supporters and get them to donate? In our newest publication, M+R digs into what makes stories powerful, and offers concrete tips for crafting emails that successfully use stories to compel supporters to give.

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Results from the 2010 End of Year Giving Season

So, how did the end of year season turn out for non-profits? With final results in, we decided to compare our clients’ end-of-year 2010 results to their 2009 figures. Here are the top findings

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‘Tis the Season for Holiday Gift-Giving Programs

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As nonprofit supporters become shoppers this holiday season, they’ll be on the hunt for gifts that do good.

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2010 Nonprofit Social Media Benchmarks Study

Note: This is an archived publication! Visit for the most recent versions of all our Benchmarks studies and Benchmarks Extras.
When it comes to social media, nonprofits find themselves making it up as they go along.

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Do $5 Asks + Big Red Buttons Work? Results from our 2009 End-of-Year Fundraising Tests

When December 2009 rolled around, we were itching to test a number of promising new strategies to increase our clients’ online fundraising returns. We decided to take advantage of the high volume of online fundraising and website traffic that mark the end-of-year period to run a number of tests for our clients.

The results were surprising.

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Quadruple digits: Who and how to ask for the (relatively) big bucks online

In M+R and NTEN’s most recent eNonprofit Benchmarks Study, we found that although high dollar donors make up fewer than 2% of online donors, their gifts make up more than 18% of funds raised each year. And while many organizations receive large gifts through email and passive web fundraising, few organizations have a 4-digit donor strategy as part of their online programs.

But imagine how many 4-digit gifts you could get if you really asked for them?

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How Cross Promotions Can Help Your Organization

Sharing lists for fundraising outreach has long been accepted as a cost-effective practice in the direct mail world. But list sharing has yet to be applied to online lists in any great numbers.

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Nonprofit Organizing in 140 Characters or Less

Part I: Getting Started
The “Twitterverse” is going supernova, exploding with the power and energy of more than five million people worldwide reaching out for a way to stay connected.  Unique website visitors to from the U.S. alone have clocked in at more than 17 million.

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Lower your membership amount? Think twice.

With direct mail and other fundraising channels hitting the skids, nonprofits are looking to boost online revenue in any way they can – trying out new tactics to get that all-important first donation from non-members.

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