Little ways to break through the mania and get press for your org

You may feel like Trump built a wall between your organization and the news cycle — but you can still break through.

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Snapchat for Advocacy

Pressuring Congress, speaking out on urgent issues, and saving the world can be a snap!

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This is the longest post on M+R’s Lab. It also might be the most important.

These 2 wonky policies might sound like a snooze but Republicans know how to use them — and so should you.

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Should we even send emails to Congress anymore?

The simple answer: YES. Complicated & honest answer: Email advocacy matters if you do it right.

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🍦Your August Recess Advocacy Packing List🍦

A handy little Recess Advocacy Packing List to help your nonprofit’s advocacy teams hit the doors, phones, townhalls, and occasional beach with gusto this August.

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