This is the longest post on M+R’s Lab. It also might be the most important.

These 2 wonky policies might sound like a snooze but Republicans know how to use them — and so should you.

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7 days left to text your way to victory

Voter contact via SMS is changing the GOTV game. We’ve got the scoop on what it’s all about, and how you – yes YOU – can get in on the action before Nov. 8.

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CowabUNGA! Let’s get ready for the UN General Assembly

Want to make a splash around the UN General Assembly on September 15? Here are 6 important PR and marketing considerations to keep in mind.

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“Politicians can’t read, but they can count” — a nonprofit summer organizing Q+A

With midterm elections on the horizon, M+R’s Campaigner-in-Chief shares his thoughts on how organizations can make the most out of this year’s August recess.

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Put the PR in Protest: 5 Tips for Organizers

After helping and the Cowboy & Indian Alliance lead a week of protests at the National Mall to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, we walked away with 5 key tips for organizers. Here’s what you need to know before you get out the poster board and paintbrushes:

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August Recess: Hit a Home Run for Your Cause

Surely you’re ready for August Recess. But what about your organization? Check out our new August Recess playbook full of online and offline drills so you can start working with your supporters to win more power for your cause this summer.

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