Are you gamifying your emails?

Of this list of rewards, which do you think online donors want the most? Status, power, access, or stuff? The answer may surprise you.

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April 19: Webinar on Multichannel Conversion Strategies

Interested in pursuing a multichannel communications and fundraising strategy? Join us on April 19 at 2pm for a webinar on multichannel conversion strategies. Sign up now to reserve your spot on the call!

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Discounted memberships: A short term gain with long term rewards

Over a year ago, M+R released the results of a test in which we dropped the price of membership with a major nonprofit from $35 to $25 for a limited time for subscribers who had never become members.

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Lower your membership amount? Think twice.

With direct mail and other fundraising channels hitting the skids, nonprofits are looking to boost online revenue in any way they can – trying out new tactics to get that all-important first donation from non-members.

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