Lights, Camera, Action, Post: Using video to tell your story

To video or not to video? Now with a handy flowchart!

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What to do when City Hall plans to cut your budget, or how a kinkajou grabbed the Mayor’s attention

Every year, the Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium have to fight for city funding – but this year the stakes were especially high. Find out how our campaign helped save their funding!

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Turning a state battle into a national victory

How do you build a groundswell of support for a state-specific issue where only the state’s residents can directly advocate with state legislators – and then how do you capitalize on your victory?

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What’s a ‘viral’ video and how can you get one?

Organizations stand to gain a lot by promoting online videos that go “viral.” But what does “viral” really mean, and how can your organization increase the likelihood that a video will become an internet smash hit?

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Results from the 2010 End of Year Giving Season

So, how did the end of year season turn out for non-profits? With final results in, we decided to compare our clients’ end-of-year 2010 results to their 2009 figures. Here are the top findings

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Weak economy, strong campaign*

*Or, How to stop worrying and beat the recession.
The results rolling in from the fundraising appeal were… well, terrible.
It was mid-November, the economy was in shambles and getting worse by the day and Oxfam America’s first end-of-year email appeal of 2008 was tanking.

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What Worked for Obama Can Work for YOUR Organization

The presidential campaign may be over, but there are still many lessons to be learned from the Obama campaign’s stunningly successful online fundraising efforts.

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Entertain the Vote: Tips for Developing a Flash Animation

What can animated cartoons really do for a campaign and how should you use them? Check out our tips for setting expectations, developing a work plan, and evaluating the success of your next Flash video cartoon campaign.

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