We celebrate victories. Then we get back to work.
10 amazing media hits > 100 average ones.
The ROI of digital ads keeps going up.
We prove fundraising theories every day.
Does your campaign need a new name? We do that.
A photo's worth 1,000 media hits.
Your message matters more when millions hear it.
Last year, M+R helped our clients raise $159 million.
We (sadly) don't know Anderson Cooper. But we do know his producer.
Ask us about that one time our CEO was arrested with Members of Congress.
“Yes, and…” (The best brainstorming rule we learned from Tina Fey).
Smokefree Trendsetters
NYC Smoke-Free
Hard to believe, but it’s been 10 years since NYC's smoke-free workplace law took effect with our help. M+R is proud to still play a role passing 2 new landmark laws in NY in 2013!
Today's crazy idea is tomorrow's best practice.
To win, you have to apply more pressure than your opponent.
Power to the People
Stand With Montanans
We put boots on the ground to stop dark money flooding Montana’s elections. The campaign was featured on PBS and in the New York Times. With an amazing 75% of the vote, Montana voters made it official: Corporations are not people in Montana.
We shape public opinion to change public policy.