We are M+R

We are communicators, marketers, fundraisers, and campaigners who help causes that inspire people to act. We work exclusively with nonprofits who are alleviating suffering, fighting for human rights and democracy, dismantling inequality, making art and knowledge accessible to everyone, and fostering a healthier and sustainable world.

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Scout Quest is here!

Scout Quest is M+R’s new data co-op where participants share email deliverability indicators, fundraising data, and advertising audiences.

Online Fundraising

Last year we helped our clients raise $196 million online and generated (literally) countless actions for more than 40 organizations.

Earned Media

We make news for our clients in outlets like New York Times, WashPost, NPR, Wired, The Atlantic, + CNN.

Social Media

@SenWarren, @MarkRuffalo, @JohnLegend + millions of our clients’ followers <3 our social strategy.

Digital Advertising

From Instagram to CTV, we use high-impact advertising to raise millions of dollars, turn up the pressure on elected officials, and get voters to the polls.

Campaign Evaluation + Strategy

We work with organizations + coalitions to assess big social change efforts.

Integrated Advocacy Campaigns

We work on the biggest movements of our times like: Smokefree NYC, Save Darfur, KXL, Marriage Equality, Justice Reform

Analytics + Optimization

If it has complicated initials, our team has it covered: SQL, SAS, R, Stata, SPSS, Excel, Optimizely, Access, Google Analytics, and our own reporting product, Scout.

Messaging + Identity

We create campaign names and narratives.

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