Earned Media

Making news to make an impact.

Press coverage of a nonprofit or issue can start a conversation or keep one going. In the right media outlet, a news story can pressure a CEO or senator to do the right thing. And when it reaches enough readers or viewers, a press hit can raise an organization’s reputation and then raise its fundraising potential.

Before pitching a single reporter, we start by strategizing with our clients of all sizes to figure out the best angles, stories, messages and products we’ll need to break through in the short- and long-term. Then we map out the media outlets that matter to our goals and audiences so we’re using the most of our and your time. And then we go get the press hits.  

SOS Children's Villages


We partnered with SOS Children's Voices and Buzzfeed to share the special and important story of one of the torch carriers for the Rio Olympics.

Protecting National Monuments

Elevating voices to speak up for national monuments in the Trump presidency.

Equality Pride


GLAD has led the fight for the rights of LGBT and HIV+ people in America since the 1970s. We've helped them win in the press, on social media, and even on the SCOTUS steps.

Assessing Press Hits


How does your organization compare to your peers? Which messages are (or aren’t) sticking in the press? And which types of media and reporters should you be paying more attention to for your cause?

96 Elephants


We are in awe of elephants and are sickened that 96 are killed every day. We're working online and with partners to pressure international leaders to end elephant poaching. President Obama and Secretary Clinton have already joined the fight.



Using satellite images of a darkening Syria, we helped a coalition turn the global media's attention (NYT, PBS, NPR, Buzzfeed, Reuters) back to the plight of civilians whose stories were fading into obscurity.

Putting PR in Protests


Taking over the National Mall isn't cool, you know what's cool? Getting every major TV network in America talking about how you're taking over the National Mall to reject the Keystone XL pipeline.

Stopping a Killer


Everyone knows Alzheimer’s sucks but not enough was being done to stop it. 70,000 Facebook supporters and 100s of client media hits later, the U.S. has a presidentially signed plan to stop the disease.

Global Day for Darfur


40+ rallies in one day. Crazy good media coverage. All for one urgent reason: Stopping genocide in Darfur.

Power to the People


We put boots on the ground to stop dark money flooding Montana’s elections. The campaign was featured on PBS and in the New York Times. With an amazing 75% of the vote, Montana voters made it official: Corporations are not people in Montana.

Kiobel vs Shell


The Supremes voted against us 9-0. But we won big in the court of public opinion by sparking a convo about corporate human rights abuse with NYT, WSJ, and USA Today opinions all on the same day.

Online Fundraising + Advocacy

We pioneered the field of online engagement and are still leading the way.

Earned Media

We make news that makes a difference for nonprofits of all sizes. Our press results pressure leaders + build reputations.

Social Media

We grow communities, engage influencers, create content + analyze results on social channels.

Digital Advertising

We build + run search, social, display, and other channels seamlessly integrated into our clients' fundraising, advocacy, and electoral programs to identify, engage, and convert supporters.

Campaign Evaluation + Strategy

We work with organizations + coalitions to assess big social change efforts.

Integrated Advocacy Campaigns

We bring all hands on deck when a campaign needs planning + messaging + press + social media + ads.

Analytics + Optimization

We study our clients’ online data + suggest ways they could raise more money + make more impact.

Messaging + Identity

We use formal research + our own creativity to develop message guides, campaign names + identities.