The best part about the annual M+R Benchmarks Study isn’t just taking a comprehensive look at online fundraising, advocacy, and marketing metrics for nonprofits. It’s that each year we strive to push further, dig deeper, and shine new light on the data that matters most.

In 2015, we took the unprecedented step of presenting Benchmarks in stereoscopic 3D. This created an amazing new perspective on the data, with visuals that leapt off the page if you happened to be wearing our special glasses (and if those special glasses didn’t cause you wicked headaches). Based on the incredible response to that innovation, we’re following up with something even more exciting for this, our tenth Benchmarks Study.

We call it Benchmarks X-Ray, and we think you’re gonna love it when it’s released on April 20.

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to literally see through the numbers to what lies below the surface.


Benchmarks X-Ray is more than a barebones survey of top-line metrics. It’s the most extraordinary, exceptional, extravagantly excellent examination of online fundraising, advocacy, and marketing in existence. Believe us, you’ve never seen anything like this before:


Ready to expose the skeletons hiding in your fundraising program’s closet? Ready to spot unusual list growths? Ready to put the “rad” in “high-powered X-ray radiation”?

Then strap on your lead vest and download M+R Benchmarks X-Ray now.

NOTE: Due to the exceptional excitement surrounding Benchmarks X-Ray, we expect to experience exceedingly high traffic. If you have trouble with the link above, you can also sign up for the latest Benchmarks Study here.