Not sure how much your online supporters are worth? Thinking there may be a better way to maximize their value?  Frustrated by internal barriers to multichannel integration?

If so, this webinar is for you. Multichannel donors are gold. Annual revenues are often 4x that of direct mail-only donors, with higher retention rates and much better net.  Simply supplementing an email with a text message or a mail piece (or both!) can dramatically improve response rates. This session is for those who are ready to break down the barriers and effectively conduct multichannel marketing.

Join Jeff Regen of M+R Strategic Services, Adam Scruggs of the Human Rights Campaign and Justin Perkins of Care2
, to discuss how rapid, multichannel conversion strategies can turn your new online supporters into multichannel donors. See case studies and data on what’s working and what’s not. The webinar will also delve into the major barriers to successful multichannel marketing, such as organizational structure, separate online and offline budgets, and lack of data integration. You’ll learn about the practical ways that nonprofits are overcoming these obstacles to conduct effective multichannel campaigns leading to fundraising success.

Join Us for this Webinar: Converting Prospects to Multichannel Gold

When: Tuesday, April 19th at 2PM ET

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About the Speakers:

Jeff Regen, Senior Vice President of Integrated Services, M+R Strategic Services: Jeff joined M+R to establish a new practice focused on helping nonprofits with integrated, multichannel fundraising and communications in order to maximize donor/activist value and broader communications goals. Jeff came to M+R from Defenders of Wildlife, where he helped grow the organization’s email list to over 800,000 e-supporters, and generate over 1 million advocacy actions and raise over $5 million online a year. At Defenders, he integrated the online department closely with the membership and communications departments, among others, and spearheaded the nonprofit’s integrated, multichannel approach. Prior to joining Defenders in 2004, Jeff spent 12 years in the private sector. He learned private sector database marketing techniques at Capital One, where he managed marketing and business development teams in both online and direct mail divisions. Jeff also built and served as president of a start-up called EnVisto and worked for the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. In the early 1990s, he worked in the former Soviet Union—first on environmental issues, and later on privatization and capital markets development. Jeff received his Bachelors from Swarthmore College and MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Adam Scruggs, Associate Director of Data Acquisition and Analysis, Human Rights Campaign: Adam Scruggs is the Associate Director of Data Acquisition and Analysis at the Human Rights Campaign, where he has worked for four years.  In this role, Adam is responsible for the collection, management, and strategic analysis of data to support HRC’s programmatic and fundraising goals.  Prior to this position, Adam worked as part of HRC’s sustaining gifts program.  Adam holds a BA in Economics from Southern Illinois University and lives in Washington, DC.

Justin Perkins, Director of Nonprofit Services, Care2: Since 2006, Justin has worked with Care2 to help over 100 nonprofits across a wide variety of issues customize strategic campaigns to reach and recruit millions of supporters from Care2’s more than 15 million members. He launched Care2’s nonprofit marketing blog,, as a way for Care2 to share case studies and best practices for nonprofit online marketing, advocacy and fundraising, and he developed one of the first social network ROI calculators to help nonprofits plan and evaluate their social media efforts. He is passionate about helping nonprofits use a data-driven, efficient approach to online marketing. Justin has an MBA from the University of Colorado. In addition to working a variety of jobs ranging from picking organic peas to writing a book on leveraging technology networks for the National Defense University, Justin has a passion for international development and indigenous rights from studies in Brazil and South Africa where he helped start a human rights nonprofit for Pygmies in Congo. Justin volunteers on the Strategy Committee for the Boulder Farmers Market, served on the Board of Prevent Human Trafficking, and enjoys climbing peaks, trail running, skiing, and selling his original, flavored roasted nuts at the farmers markets on the weekends in Boulder, Colorado.

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