The most important day of the year is just around the corner. I’m not talking about a religious holiday, or an election. I’m not talking about a day of international significance or a world-changing event.

I’m talking about Mother’s Day — the most important day of the year. (Mom, I hope you’re reading this).

Mother’s Day is coming up quick, and millions of Americans will start searching for the perfect gift. Many will face a decision: Do I go with something from the mall or jewelry store? Or should I show my mom how much I care with a charitable gift made in her name?

Is your organization ready? You better be — because we’ve found that Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the top holidays for gift-giving outside of the end of the year. We’ve been running holiday and Mother’s Day gift-giving programs for our clients for years, including UNICEF’s successful Mother’s Day Baby Pack campaign, and learned a lot in the process.

A few months ago, my colleagues Marc Ruben and Liz Ertner shared their wisdom on how to get the most out of a gift-giving campaign. They keys to success? Knowing your competition, knowing your donors, being specific, and since it’s a gift — gift wrap!

Read “Tis the Season for Holiday Gift-Giving Programs” to find out more and get crucial tips for making the most of this Mother’s Day.

No one wants to disappoint their mother!