The maître d’ has called your name, the table is set, and the napkins are folded up like fancy little swans: it’s time to dig in to a year’s worth of M+R Benchmarks charts, findings, and insights at

This year we are serving up data from 215 amazing nonprofit partners, with a refreshing mix of fundraising, advocacy, engagement, and marketing. The full 2023 Benchmarks Study offers a sumptuous spread including digital ads, social media, email, mobile messaging, web traffic, and more. 

To tempt your tastebuds and prepare your palate, we’ve selected a few choice morsels — some scrumptious, some spicy, and some that are honestly a little bittersweet. 

  • Total online revenue for nonprofits decreased by 4% in 2022, and nonprofits reported especially sharp drops in revenue on Giving Tuesday and December 31. But the results for nonprofits in the Disaster/International Aid space looked very different.
  • While one-time giving declined, monthly giving revenue increased by 12% — accounting for 28% of all online revenue in 2022. We also compare retention rates and annual value for one-time and monthly donors.
  • Digital advertising investment by nonprofits increased by 28%, and search remained the most reliable platform to generate a positive return on ad spend. The interdependence of email and digital ads programs has never been more clear.
  • Nonprofits sent 60 email messages per subscriber, including 29 fundraising appeals. Email generated 14% of all online revenue. Also: we say goodbye to open rates!
  • While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter dominated nonprofit social media engagement, 30% of participants reported being active on TikTok. Is it time to start learning some new dance moves? (yes)

The full feast of data and analysis is waiting for you at We will also sample the key findings, answer your questions, and share a bit about how the Benchmarks sausage is made on a special Benchmarks release webinar TODAY, April 27, from 12:00–1:30PT/3:00–4:30ET. Sign up for the webinar now.