You. Me. Benchmarks. April 22nd. IN 3D. Happening.

“Wait, what? 3D!?!?!” said you.

“Hell yeah!” said us.

That’s right. For the first time EVER in the history of nonprofit-metric-slingin’-studies, the data you love will literally leap off the page in super-cool 3D. And because this is nothing short of awesome, we have a few ways you can celebrate with us.

1. Raise your glasses! 3D glasses, that is. While supplies last, you can order your very own limited edition #3DBENCH15 glasses to view the study in all it’s glory (or just sign up for the launch alert). And if you don’t get them in time, don’t worry! You’ll be able to view the study with regular eyeballs, too. It just might not be as fun.

2. Raise your glasses…the drink-holding kind, that is! Because we didn’t spend all this time writing (and 3D-ifying) Benchmarks to enjoy it all by our lonesome…we’re throwing a party! On April 22nd – same day as the release! – join us at M+R World Headquarters in DC to revel in data, snacks, charts, booze, and 3D shenanigans. And don’t forget to join the Facebook event so we know you’re coming.

3. Raise your…uh, webinar? Yeah, you know what, that works. Raise your webinar. You’re invited to attend our FREE webinar with the fine folks at NTEN to dive in deeper into this year’s data from over 80 organizations (!), what it means, and how you can use it. It’s on May 6th, and you can sign up here.

*The 2015 M+R Benchmarks Study is this year’s guide to nonprofit industry standards for online fundraising, advocacy, and list building. Big thanks to the 84 nonprofits who let us analyze their data in order to bring you the most complete, accurate, astonishing assortment of online nonprofit metrics EVER made.