Salsa LabsUm, wow! Over 300 people tuned in to the End of Year Fundraising webinar we gave with Salsa Labs last week.

But if you or your colleagues missed it, never fear, you can still get in on our timely year-end fundraising tips by viewing the video presentation below.

Our own Jonathan Benton covered the following:

  1. Why you should be fundraising at the end of the year (did you know that some nonprofits raise as much as 50% of their revenue for the year in December?!);
  2. How many emails you should send, what you should say in them, and when you should send them;
  3. How to optimize your website and your donation forms (with specific instructions for Salsa users); and
  4. New things you can try to take your end of year campaign to the next level.

Feel free to share it with any of your colleagues who couldn’t make it last Tuesday and don’t forget to check out our new tip for writing effective year-end appeals or our round-up of what worked well at year-end in 2010.