Have you heard the news about Facebook? No, I’m not talking about animated gifs coming to Facebook (though, can we just take a moment to celebrate that one, too?).

Last week, Facebook announced that people and pages can now embed posts on websites. Savvy social media users will know that Twitter has had this feature for some time, but being able to do this with Facebook posts is perhaps more valuable because so many people relate intuitively to the “Like” “Comment” and “Share” buttons. And now all that functionality — and audience-growing potential — can be placed wherever you want it.

Here are 7 ways we came up with to use Facebook embedded posts for a good cause:

1. Make social sharing easy and intuitive on post-action pages. Have you put together a clever image or an awesome video that leads to a petition page? Well, surely you’ve posted it on Facebook. After people sign that petition, land them on a page with the Facebook post embedded. They won’t be able to resist pressing those “like” or “share” buttons. As a bonus, if they don’t like your Facebook page yet, they’ll be able to do that right away!

2. Make a list of shareable facts. Hit home with your points by making a page with a laundry list of reasons to support your cause. Post them all as embedded posts (and tweets if you’re so inclined) so that the sharing is built in automatically, and it’s intuitive to social-savvy users.

3. Get feedback. Facebook is awesome because it’s a two way street – you can listen and not just talk. Embed question posts on your website and invite your website visitors to tell you more: who they are, why they support the cause, or what they thought about your blog post. When they do reply, their friends will see that activity on Facebook – organic traffic! (see below!)

4. Call someone out. Did a public figure or company someone say something awful on Facebook? Want your supporters to call them out? Embed that post on your website along with talking points for your activists.

5. Get your posts on other websites. Who said your Facebook posts have to be on your website? Ask your affiliates, partner organizations, or most dedicated supporters to share your big campaign announcement on their page.

6. Make a trophy case. When you have an awesome victory for your cause, surely you post a celebratory post on Facebook. Have one page on your website that lists a bunch of those posts. It’s a more engaging way to show your activists what they helped accomplish.

7. Create a testimonials page. Embeded posts not only applies to pages, but also people’s posts, as long as they are public. So, when you come across someone saying awesome things about your organization or campaign, save that post to embed on your site for a #notsohumblebrag page. Of course, it’s a good idea to ask permission first!