Resolve to enrich your Twitter life in 2014 by following these thought-leaders, innovators, creative dynamos, and fictional characters. It’s cheaper than joining a gym, and you don’t even have to put pants on.

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Hone Your Craft: Nonprofit Tech Experts

New Organizing @NewOrganizing
If you like what you see here on the M+R Lab, chances are you’ll have the urge to click, retweet, or reply to everything the NOI (New Organizing Institute) tweets. Or maybe you just want to see highlights and tips from really awesome organizing moments. They’ve got that, too.

An absolute must-follow if you work with technology and causes, NTEN is a clearinghouse of info about what’s going on in the world of nonprofits. They frequently tweet about webinars, articles, and hot topics as well as tips and tricks to help you fake it ’til you make it.

SDJ @dijulio
M+R Principal, founder of our online advocacy and fundraising division, and human being who is trying to cut down on caffeine, Sarah DiJulio was raising money on the internet before a lot of people knew what the internet was. She tweets about articles, trends, tests, and studies that online fundraisers need to know, and of course her two boys, Jasper and Gus.

Driving the Conversation: Big Thinkers and Newshounds

Chris Hayes @ChrisLHayes
Progressive author and host of All In With Chris on MSNBC, Chris Hayes is always a good source for whip smart commentary. He also frequently re-tweets other thought-leaders and journos so you get a good perspective on the larger conversation.

femfreq @femfreq
Feminist Frequency is a video webseries, hosted by Anita Sarkeesian, that critically explores the representations of women in pop culture narratives. (Right now it’s focusing on representations of female characters in video games!) Anita has been featured all over for raising $160K on Kickstarter and dealing with topics of online harassment as a feminist.

JBouie @JBouie
Jamelle Bouie, a staff writer at The Daily Beast, has built up a major following with his insightful and witty tweets about race, politics, and pop culture. Bonus: Follow him on Instagram, too for drool-worthy pictures of his home-cooked meals.

Creative Inspiration: Think outside the box!

Joyce Carol Oates @JoyceCarolOates
Yes, that Joyce Carol Oates. Not only is she on Twitter, but she’s also winning the whole damn thing. Follow her for lots of random witty insights and social commentary, usually in multi-tweet form. For example: I have seen the best minds of my generation destroyed by kitten videos.

Discovery @Discovery
The Discovery Channel really hits their stride during Shark Week, but they’re worth following all year for their copious cool factoids about animals and planet earth.

Mars Curiosity @MarsCuriosity
Following the Mars Curiosity rover is like being Twitter friends with Wall-E. Cool science, quirky personality, and mind-blowing photos from surface of Mars — an awesome daily reminder that we live in the future.

MS @mstanionis
Madeline Stanionis is M+R’s creative director. She’s been trying to make things that don’t suck for causes for a really long time, and just started using this newfangled Twitter thing to tell you all about it. Follow her for campaign inspiration, experience, and ideas that are 51% super thoughtful and 49% crazy enough that they just might work. Also, the occasional random fact about her goats.

Fun and Funny: A Little Tweet Relief

Dispense sage online fundraising advice he does.

80s dondraper @80sDonDraper
If our favorite ad man lived in Reagan’s America. Sample Tweet: “Women are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. They’re going to want padding.”

Mindy @MindyKaling
The actress and comedian shares hilarious musings on everything from Whole Foods etiquette to footwear. She also sometimes tweets photos of The Mindy Project writers dressed up like members of One Direction, which, you know, if you’re into that kinda thing…

Pete Souza @PeteSouza
As the official White House photographer, Souza frequently shares behind-the-scenes shots of POTUS meeting with staff and heads of state. But really, we’re in it for the Bo and Sunny candids.