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Get the latest data on media hits and more for nonprofits.
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You finally broke through and got one of your top journalist targets to include your nonprofit in an article. Your web traffic jumps, your mentions are blowing up, and you’re already looking ahead: time to start pitching again to get this reporter to follow up on this article and score some more coverage. 

Well… not so fast. According to the 2019 M+R Mediamarks Study, 94% of articles mentioning a nonprofit were written by a journalist who only included that nonprofits in a single article all year. Which means that one breakthrough moment with your media relations target? That might have been your last shot for a while, and you better be casting a wide net. 

That is just the tiniest taste of the data feast that is the 2019 Mediamarks Study. Get a whole lot more on Wednesday, August 7 at 2pm ET for a webinar with our friends at Muck Rack. We’ll walk through our biggest findings, including:

  • The average number of media hits nonprofits secured each week in 2019;
  • The biggest drivers of that press coverage across issue areas;
  • What outlets cover what issues the most; and
  • The types of articles that gained the most traction among journalists and the public on social.


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