Don’t forget — Benchmarks is launching next week on April 24! We’re rolling Benchmarks 2024 out to the world at plus a webinar and live event in DC. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 — register for our webinar, DC party, and NYC party (happening on May 22) soon!

☝️Have you seen the Official 2024 Benchmarks Commercial? Be prepared to have the jingle stuck in your head for days 🎶

Guess who will be releasing a Benchmarks report on April 24? (It’s us!)

The annual M+R Benchmarks Study will once again explore the labyrinth of nonprofit digital fundraising, advocacy, and marketing metrics. This year’s M+R Benchmarks will feature a virtual candyland of useful information about digital ads, email, mobile messaging, social media, web performance, and more. 

So fire up your racecar (or thimble, or boot, or whatever), and get ready for a tour of digital metrics that will take you from Baltic to Boardwalk. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 — go directly to on April 24 to download the full 2024 M+R Benchmarks Study!*

While solitaire can be fun, we are most excited to share all these numbers and words with friends. Please join us for:

  • Our virtual launch on April 24, 1–2:30pm ET. RSVP on Zoom here!
  • Ticket to Ride DC on April 24—live presentation from 4–5:30; party from 5:30–7:30pm on the second floor of our *new* office space (1101 17 St NW, 2nd floor, Washington, DC). RSVP here!
  • Ticket to Ride NYC on May 22—live presentation from 4–5:30; party from 5:30–7:30pm (11 Park Place, Suite 1001, New York, NY). RSVP here!

We can’t wait to share the splendor of all these data riches with you on April 24. Sign up now and we’ll email you when it’s ready to go!

* We like to pick a theme for each edition of the M+R Benchmarks Study, and you may have noticed subtle hints that the theme this time around is board games. Don’t let that trouble you — any game-related jokes and references in Benchmarks are unlikely to be this completely cheesy. They are, at worst, only partially cheesy. Par-cheesy, you might say.**

** Sorry!*** (not sorry) 

*** Most of the time, explaining a joke ruins it. But since we are already well past that point with these puns here, let us explain. The reason we chose “Sorry!” as the reaction to the first footnote is that the board game Sorry! shares the same origin as the board game Parcheesi — both are commercial variations on the game pachisi****, which has been played in India for many centuries. The thing you should know about M+R Benchmarks is that we put at least as much care and thought into every single chart and data point as we do the needlessly elaborate wordplay. 

**** Unusually careful readers will note that there’s actually another pachisi-based board game name-checked back in that first footnote.*****

***** It was trouble. Thank you for reading this far into these ludo-crous footnotes. If you don’t feel like scrolling back up, here’s a link to register for the Benchmarks webinar on April 24!