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So we can’t stop the red line from breaking down, or un-erase those old episodes of Broadchurch that magically disappeared from your DVR (thanks a lot, ROOMMATE), but we here at M+R World HQ want to help when we can. Enter our new If This, Then Totally That Tool!

Here’s the scoop: Sick of always searching high and low for the perfect gif? Want a better way to create meme-y images? Or just want to kill a few minutes online during your lunch hour? The IFTTTT tool is here for you! Simply pick a category and your current need from the dropdown menu, and IFTTTT will magically conjure up one (or a few!) handy resources for you. Yup, it’s that easy.

Say you need to make a quick little infographic-y image for social media. Clickity click and look what you get:


We’ll keep updating the IFTTTT tool with new ideas. You can too! Think we missed a super useful gizmo out there? Drop us a line on Twitter @MRCampaigns and tell us what totally tubular tools you use.