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Are we normal?

Or, more specifically, are my nonprofit’s monthly media hits normal?

That’s what M+R’s media relations team set out to answer in this year’s Mediamarks Study—which is now live and ready to read! 

There are a dozen charts and deeper analysis by nonprofit sector awaiting you. But first, here are the four colorful scoops from this year’s study:

1) On average, a nonprofit was mentioned or featured in 456 news stories in 60 influential media outlets last year. That stat varies widely by sector.

2) Last year, the average news story was shared 2,000 times on Facebook. Only 12 news stories we studied were shared more than 500,000 times in 2018.

3) To get more coverage, it’s strategic to reach out to more reporters rather than just rely on a few close relationships. Very few reporters cover or quote a nonprofit more than once per year.

4) 2018 was the year of the defender.

For the first time, Mediamarks specifically measured the media impact of an emerging sector we’ve called the Defenders. These are the organizations whose press teams in 2018 went on the offensive to fight for:

  • Rights of immigrants and asylum-seekers at the border and throughout the country
  • Freedom of the press
  • Protection of transgender people in America
  • Access to reproductive healthcare and a woman’s right to choose
  • Policies that will deal with climate change and polluters now

Nearly 40 percent of the roughly 30,000 articles included in this year’s study came from only 16 percent of the organizations in the study: these are the Defenders, and they are mighty. These are the groups who are boldly defending people and the planet from the relentless assaults of the Trump White House, and we are wildly impressed. 

Check out the full 2019 Mediamarks Study here for more insight into the media results and impact made by Cultural, Environmental, Health, International, Social Service, and Defender nonprofits last year.