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There’s nothing like that feeling of hearing your train pull up to the station, shoving your way past the people who just stand there on the escalator, sprinting across the crowded platform… and then having the doors close right in front of your face before the train pulls away. So close! 

You might be feeling a little of that frustration and FOMO if you missed the M+R Benchmarks webinar on April 27, but don’t worry — we would never leave you behind.  

The full webinar recording is available here. Our lively 90-minute session covered the most important, interesting findings across the full range of Benchmarks, including fundraising, digital ads, social media, email, web traffic, and more.

Webinar participants asked smart questions and added their own insights, experiences, and recommendations in the webinar chat. These resources are a terrific complement to the webinar itself, and we are happy to share these perspectives from the nonprofit professionals who live and breathe this work every day. The Q+A exchanges are available here, and you can view a transcript of the (incisive and frequently hilarious) chat here.

Finally, what would a journey like Benchmarks be without a custom roadtrip mixtape? We’ve collected some of our favorite travel songs, along with submissions from webinar participants, into a playlist for you to enjoy.   

Whether you are exploring the full Benchmarks Study on your own or following along with the webinar, we hope you will sit back, crank up the volume, and enjoy the ride.