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Two things you might know about M+R:

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With that in mind, we’re hoping to learn some new things today — specifically, things about what you and your organization are curious/worried/excited about when it comes to advocacy, fundraising, organizing, media, campaigns, ads, and more. Your answers will help us deliver the kind of content, ideas, and tips that help you do more good more efficiently and more effectively. 

As if better content and ideas aren’t enough of an incentive, there’s also a prize for one lucky participant — a $150 Goldbelly gift card. If you don’t already know, Goldbelly is the site where you can order just about any food from any maker that piques your fancy (we’re partial to the vegan hazelnut dessert tamales from El Charro Café, or maybe Nom Wah’s soup dumplings, yum). 

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And of course: Our questions are optional and anonymous (unless you want your name thrown in to win the delicious prize). 

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