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In the midst of such discouraging and heartbreaking news on so many fronts around the world, M+R has made some real strides this year that have helped us be more prepared than ever to be a positive and useful force in the world and with our clients and do-gooder community (including YOU). 

In the last year-ish alone, M+R has:

  • Launched Scout Quest, our new and different kind of data co-op.
  • Continued meaningful progress to diversify our leadership and create a more inclusive company culture by hiring key new staff, Tommy Thompson as our CEO and Adiyah Ali to lead our anti-racism, equity, and inclusion efforts.
  • Worked with many clients in making good on our commitment to delivering more ethical creative.
  • Negotiated one of the fairest union contracts in our industry.
  • Grown every single one of our practice areas, deepening our skills and ability to help more and more organizations.
  • And, of course, worked with many organizations to make a meaningful difference in movements and lives, including raising millions in response to the Ukraine crisis; passing a legendary climate bill(!!), and supporting reproductive rights clients as they respond to the devastating loss of Roe v. Wade.

Today, we’re announcing one more big stride: We’re evolving M+R’s leadership by adding two new partners: Yoonhyung Lee and Matt Derby.

You may know Yoon and Matt already. Yoon leads our Digital Fundraising & Advocacy practice area, and Matt heads up our Digital Advertising work. They are both critical leaders at M+R and have each materially changed the company in incredibly positive ways. 

Matt has been with M+R for 14 years serving in nearly every role possible – and has helped build the ads business since day one. His appetite for new technologies and platforms has paved the way for us to innovate and achieve ever-increasing positive results for our clients. 

Yoon was our client at the Smithsonian Institution before joining M+R and quickly demonstrated that she is one of the most relentlessly curious and hardworking people on the planet. She also spent 10 years in the media relations world before jumping into fundraising and engagement, and has led us to voraciously tackle the thorniest challenges digital fundraising faces with remarkable success. 

Adding Matt and Yoon as partners is an amazing next step for us – and it’s also how we roll. We evolve and grow constantly at M+R, and we think our change-oriented spirit is what helps us continue to innovate and drive results. We’re also committed to truly investing in the amazing people we hire, and we’re proud that both Matt and Yoon have worked at M+R for many years. They are joining our existing partners, Marc Ruben, Sarah DiJulio, Michael Ward, and Madeline Stanionis in guiding M+R’s strategic direction in the exciting years ahead. 

In most ways, this change won’t affect our the work and ideas you experience from us day-to-day. But we hope it does, in the best possible ways! We expect that you’ll see us innovate more, deliver more and better services, and continue to help support our do-gooder industry to meet the needs of our troubled world. That’s our mission and drive, and we’re more committed to it than ever. 

So! That’s our news today. We think it’s a big deal! We hope you do, too.