One of the most common questions we see on nonprofit listservs is: “Who’s the current op-ed editor at such-and-such-outlet?” Hopefully you’ll find your answer in our up-to-date Opinion Page Yellow Pages.

Before you submit your op-ed — actually, before you even begin to write it — you should really read our post: An Op-ed About Op-eds for Nonprofits Writing Op-eds.

Ok. Now that you’ve eaten your vegetables, here’s dessert. Good luck!

Boston Globe
Op-ed – Marjorie Pritchard,;
LTE – Matt Bernstein,
Tips & submission guidelines!

Boston Herald
Op-ed – Rachelle Cohen,;

Chicago Sun-Times
Op-ed – Tom McNamee,; Kate Grossman,

Chicago Tribune
Op-ed – Marcia Lythcott,; Bruce Dold,
LTE – Dodie Hofstetter,;

Christian Science Monitor
Op-ed – Tessa Parmenter submission form (*currently only accepting energy-related voices)

LA Times
Op-ed – Juliet Lapidos,;
LTE – Paul Thornton,;
Tips & submission guidelines!

Op-ed – Will O’Brien,;

New York Times
Op-ed – Chris Conway,; Jim Dao,;
LTE – Tom Feyer,; Mary Drohan,
Editorial – Listing of editorial page writers by topic can be found here.
Tips & submission guidelines!

Op-ed – Stephen Heuser, The Agenda Editor,
Tips & submission guidelines!

The Hill (& Congress Blog)
Op-ed – Kelsey Rupp,;
Tips & submission guidelines!

USA Today
Op-ed – David Mastio,;
LTE – Michelle Poblete,
Tips & submission guidelines!

Wall Street Journal
Op-ed – Howard Dickman,; Kate Bachelder,
LTE – Tim Lemmer,
Tips & submission guidelines!

Washington Post
Op-ed –Michael Larabee (main op-ed editor),; Adam Kushner, (Outlook + Post Everything editor),; Jamie Riley Kolsky (local opinions),;
LTE – Jamie Riley Kolsky,;
Tips & submission guidelines!

Those classic national outlets are important. But don’t forget about all the online outlets with a large audience and editors who want your ideas!

Bloomberg View
David Shipley,; James Gibney,; Mary Duenwald,;
Tips & submission guidelines!

Business Insider
Tips & submission guidelines!

Tom Gara,

CNN iReport
Christina Zdanowicz,; David Williams,
Tips & submission guidelines!

CNN Opinion
Rich Galant,; Barbara Keenlyside,; Pat Wiedenkeller,

Ami Eden,;


Tips and submission guidelines!

NYT Room for Debate

Susan Ellingwood,;

NYT Op-Talk
John Guida,; Anna North,

Tips & submission guidelines!

Allison Silver,

The Guardian
Op-ed – Amana Fontanella-Khan,;
Tips & submission guidelines!

Kirsten Salyer,;

US News and World Report Debate Club
Robert Schlesinger,; Pat Garofalo,


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