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In honor of Queer Eye season 2 dropping TODAY (and Pride Month, obvi) we wanted to share with you a delightful story that shows how to use Twitter to reach decision-makers, influencers, and celebrities. And, in our case, make dreams come true.

This magical journey begins where so many amazing things happen: the #lgbtqia channel on the M+R Slack. Aside from gripes about heteronormative society and various avocado recipes, #lgbtqia is largely about sharing Sha-Mazing photos of the QE guys. For example, this in-kale-redible shot of Antoni:

*Does Whole30 for 1 day.*

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One Friday afternoon, our attention again turned towards the Fab Five—specifically, photos of them holding dogs.

Our DC crew had just moved into a new space, and with photos this majestic, we knew there was only one course of action. Print these out in color, plaster our yet-unadorned bulletin board, and share this perfect joy with colleagues, clients, and lunch order deliverypeople. Immediately.

Jonathan, Antoni, and Tan were easy to find. Karamo took some advanced googling but was quickly located.

All that remained was a picture of beautiful Bobby and his favorite pup… And y’all, we dug deep. We scrolled three years back in his Instagram to no avail.

It was a little frightening to admit the truth, but ultimately freeing: The only way to complete our Queer Eye Dogs Wall would be to get Bobby himself to send us a photo.

So we did what we do around here, and planned our campaign:

    • What is the change we want to see in the world? A complete, immaculate, stunning display of the Fab Five with dogs, because that is deeply important to key stakeholders (us).
    • Who is our target audience? Bobby Berk, Interior Design expert extraordinaire, hypothetical dog-friend.
    • What is the best channel to reach him? Gay Twitter™
    • What messaging tactics will motivate him? We will use the bandwagon effect—showing him all the other QEs are in on it. We’ll also guilt him with intense eye contact (for this we needed Liz M to do her best JVN impression).
    • What is our timeline? Right. Flippin. Now.

There were challenges. The Fab Five are celebrities—surely they wouldn’t notice one mention. We needed to amplify. We turned to our network—our amazing M+R colleagues—and asked them to Like and RT our post. They were immediately on board like

The tweet started gaining traction as colleagues, friends, and strangers jumped on board, each amplifying the message: We want a photo of Bobby with a dog. We demand it. We neeeeeed ittttt.

We waited with bated breath to see the results of this grassroots campaign. For ten anxious minutes, we waited. And then, to the surprise and delight of everyone, something miraculous happened:

We could not believe. The team quickly printed out the final piece of our puzzle, and our QE + Dogs board was complete.

And everyone at M+R was bursting with delight and pride over our hijinks.

Truly a great day for us all—and proof that strong strategy, relevant messaging, smart deployment of tactics and tools, and a fabulous team by your side can create meaningful (and not so meaningful but still super cool) change.


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