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ICYMI! Our first Back to School free webinar is happening VERY SOON on August 16 and we think it’s gonna be a good one. Focused on audience and message research, M+R’s Gwen McGarry will moderate a panel featuring smart colleagues Nehal Mahmoud, Amanda Person, and Laurin Gonzalez as they share super interesting and useful findings from all kinds of usability, creative, survey, and focus group research over the last year or so! Sign up here, and read on for more scoop on this and the rest of our back to school webinars!

August 16: Fewer Guesses. More Answers

When you don’t really know your audiences and what motivates them, you start making assumptions. And everyone knows what happens when you make an assumption.  

A creative and meticulous research program will help you breathe life into your messaging and allow you to connect with your audiences in a more impactful way. Come join us to walk through successful research examples and explore surprising insights that can help you rethink your own program, develop more effective messaging, and challenge long-held assumptions. 

Wednesday, August 16 at 1pm ET

August 29: The Top Three Strategies You Probably Aren’t Doing (But Should Consider) Before EOY
This year’s Benchmarks survey confirmed an overall drop in digital end-of-year fundraising last year, especially in some sectors. If the prospect of similar results in 2023 is keeping you up at night, join us for this webinar, where we’ll share some strategies that might not be on your radar (yet). [Spoiler alert: we’ll be talking influencers, creative testing, Scout Quest, and more.]

Tuesday, August 29 at 2pm ET

September 26: SMS for Fundraising

So. Much. Success. SMS, both broadcast and P2P, has come into its own as a fundraising and engagement powerhouse. In some cases, we are seeing this channel perform even better than email in driving revenue, if you know what buttons to push! This session will cover how to build and fully leverage text messaging for your program. Learn how to grow your leads, reinforce your multichannel calls to action in fundraising and cultivation, and turn out event participants and volunteers.

Tuesday, September 26 at 2pm ET

October 10: 60 Tests in 60 Minutes
Do facts or stories inspire donations? What’s working in sub lines right now? Does an interstitial page increase or decrease response? Can we finally settle the renew vs donate question? This webinar will present the latest tests in landing page optimization, email, fundraising asks, ad creative, copywriting, and much MUCH more in a guaranteed-not-to-bore session. The format is hella simple and a whole lot of fun: We’ll present a test. You guess the winner. We’ll present the results. Repeat! Keep your score as we go, and there will be prizes for the most triumphant testing whizzes. Along the way, we’ll share tons of non-profit examples, and drop in useful tips and tools for making your organization’s testing program the best it can be!

Tuesday, October 10 at 2pm ET

Get ready to join some of M+R’s most enthusiastic and knowledgeable digital fundraising experts for data-driven, information-packed, fun-filled webinars. We look forward to Zooming with you in the next couple of months.

P.S. If you’re thinking about participating in Scout Quest — M+R’s privacy-focused data co-op — know that September 15 is the last day to enroll to make sure you get your data before Giving Tuesday. To learn more about Scout Quest, check out this link. Scout Quest helps organizations reach people most likely to help grow their programs, advance their missions, and expand their ability to do good.