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This is a repeat of our August 15 message… a little nudge, in case you got distracted.

You know how it feels to find loose change in between the couch cushions, or an unopened pint of Ben and Jerry’s behind the frozen veggie stock? The Scout Quest feeling is like that.

In the last year, dozens of nonprofit organizations have participated in Scout Quest, M+R’s data co-op. They each submit a bucket of donor list attributes, and the M+R wizards stir all the data points together and distill them into customized, refined actionable reports, including which of their supporters are donating to other organizations, clicking on email, and much more. Updating your mailing list following a Scout Quest analysis is like discovering a little bit of treasure — or a lot, depending on your list size.

In other words… you might be staring at an email file with a hefty number of lapsed folks and/or folks that aren’t responding to all your amazing campaigns anymore. It can be concerning. And demoralizing. Is it you? Is it your marketing? Or have these email names gone cold altogether? Scout Quest allows you to separate the wheat from the chaff in your file. Then you can focus your efforts on those who hold the most promise.

It’s especially valuable to use Scout Quest data to refresh your mailing list prior to year’s end, before you hit send on Giving Tuesday messaging and the rest of your well-crafted final fundraising push of the year. If you’re ready to get started, contact us — and/or join our August 29 webinar, where we’ll be talking about Scout Quest along with two other cool strategies that will REALLY amp up your EOY results.

September 15 is the last day to enroll in Scout Quest to make sure you get your data before Giving Tuesday.

Refresher: Scout Quest is M+R’s data co-op where participants share email deliverability indicators, fundraising data, and advertising audiences. The result for participating organizations is a deeper understanding of donor and prospect behavior that allows them to better target — and reactivate — important segments of their list.

And remember, Scout Quest doesn’t ask you to give your donor or activist names or contact information to anyone. Behavioral data on how your supporters are interacting with other organizations — email and donation patterns — are powerful without sacrificing your supporters’ privacy and trust.

It’s like putting on pants you haven’t worn in months and finding a $5 bill in the pocket. It’s like buying a bag of Doritos from a vending machine and watching two bags fall. It’s like using a rigorous approach to data analysis combined with strategic insights grounded in deep experience to enhance and revive the value of your existing email list and still respect privacy. (It’s actually extremely like that last one). We hope you’ll join us.