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Earlier this year we revealed Scout Quest — M+R’s very own data co-op — to the public. The goal: help organizations reach people most likely to help grow their programs, advance their missions, and expand their ability to do good. Participating organizations learn which of their supporters are active — donating to other organizations, clicking on email, and more. 

And — importantly — no one has to give up their valuable supporter/donor lists to be messaged by other groups without regard to email opt-in policies.

The response was incredible! Twenty-seven organizations from a range of different sectors participated in our Spring round. Since then, they’ve been using Scout Quest to improve email deliverability, reactivate inactive supporters, build advertising audiences — and ultimately, inspire more people and raise more money.

We’re cooking up some big new (super useful!) features that we’re pumped to roll out for this next round, including…

  • Adding advocacy and action data into the co-op
  • Offering new ways to advertise using Scout Quest audiences
  • A process to identify if inactive supporters are actively using alternate email addresses
  • A few more TOP SECRET data points we’re adding to the co-op to be revealed at our upcoming webinar 😉

The Fall round kicks off NOW! You can let us know you’re interested in participating by completing this form, and someone will reach out with more details. 

We’re also thrilled to announce an upcoming webinar on August 23! You’ll hear first-hand from a previous participant, and we’ll dig into some of those new, exciting features. RSVP here!

  • WEBINAR: August 23 at 4–5pm ET/1–2pm PT
  • DESCRIPTION: Learn how organizations are reaching, reactivating, and rejuvenating donors and prospects who might otherwise slip through the cracks with Scout Quest. Also learn about some of Scout Quest’s brand new features!
  • SPEAKERS: Adam Williams (League of Conservation Voters), Jonathan Benton (M+R), and Sarah Coughlon (M+R)

RSVP here

We hope you’ll come and find out what’s new with Scout Quest and how your organization can get involved!