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Did you miss our latest webinar about Scout Quest, our privacy-focused one-of-a-kind online data co-op? Get the full webinar recording here

Here are the four biggest takeaways:

1) Huge Results for the Humane Society of the United States: Gabby Green from HSUS shared her experience using Scout Quest data to reactivate a huge inactive file. We identified 230,000 people on their file who were clicking on emails for other groups but not for them. They were able to immediately grow their email by 175,000 — and then see a nearly 200% ROI in only a few months.

2) Using Scout Quest Audiences for Advertising EVERYWHERE: We’ve used Scout Quest data to build AWESOME Lookalike Audiences on Facebook for a few years now, but on the webinar, Sarah Coughlon shared the HUGE news that we’re now going to be offering similar audiences for programmatic advertising. Meaning — you can use Scout Quest data to target display ads, connected TV, audio, and more. 

3) Scout Quest… for Direct Mail??: No, we’re not turning Scout Quest into a direct mail co-op (so many exist already!). But we ARE going to begin adding direct mail data so we can identify who on your email file are making direct mail gifts to other organizations. Why? So you can see which of your supporters respond in the mail — and could be worth sending mail to. 

4) The Timeline to Participate: To participate this spring, we’re hoping groups can commit to join soon! Here’s the timeline:

  • March 22: confirm participation and sign the participation agreement
  • April 5: data submissions due
  • April 26: data summary dashboards delivered to participants
  • May 3: deadline to decide what data to purchase
  • May 15: all data delivered and advertising audiences become available

Again: Get the full webinar recording here
Sign up for Scout Quest and get more info on the website here!
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Hope to talk with you soon! See you in the co-op!

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The annual M+R Benchmarks Study will once again explore the labyrinth of nonprofit digital fundraising, advocacy, and marketing metrics. This year’s M+R Benchmarks will feature a virtual candyland of useful information about digital ads, email, mobile messaging, social media, web performance, and more. 

So fire up your racecar (or thimble, or boot, or whatever), and get ready for a tour of digital metrics that will take you from Baltic to Boardwalk. Do not pass go, do not collect $200 — go directly to on April 24 to download the full 2024 M+R Benchmarks Study!