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Welcome back! This is the final post of our 60 Tests in 60 Minutes series! Thanks for joining us for this inspiring and fascinating ride. Be sure to check out Parts One, Two, and Three so you don’t miss any of the fun! And if you want to take them all in at once (plus more!) check out this recording of our webinar.

Today we’re chatting more about the all important donation form! There’s never too much optimization of the donation form in our humble opinion, so let’s dive in with two hot tests about optimizing monthly ask strings.

Test 1: Feeding America and the Ask String

Feeding America asked: Does decreasing the monthly gift ask string impact the monthly gift conversion rate?

Original Ask (Control)
Ask String determined by % of HPC: 
60% – 52% – 45% – 35% – 20% – 10%
Round to the nearest $5
$10 min, $500 max
Reduced Ask (Test)
Ask String determined by % of HPC: 
55% – 50% – 40% – 30% – 15% – 5%
Round to the nearest $5
$5 min, $500 max

The results of implementing the new monthly ask string did not have a significant effect on monthly gift response rate, average monthly gift amount, or 3-year long-term value for both donor and prospect segments. 

Test 2: HSUS and the Rounded Ask

The Humane Society tested if rounding their ask amounts would increase conversions.

They saw a statistically significant 15% increase when shifting to an ask string with rounded ask amounts, along with a marginally significant, 20% increase in revenue per visitor.

Based on these results, we would recommend trying out different methods for implementing monthly ask strings, and testing (of course!) to determine their impact. While the increasing amount did not have an impact, the rounded numbers did. Let us know if you’ve tested either of these strategies on your file, and if you saw significant results!

That wraps our 60 Tests in 60 Minutes series. We hope you found it useful! If you want to check out even more tests, here’s the recording of our full hour-long webinar. 

Note: Thanks to our clients Feeding America and HSUS for allowing us to share these results with you!


Johanna Levy is a Senior Account Executive at M+R based in New York City. When she’s not planning fundraising campaigns, you can find her drinking iced coffee at the beach.

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