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Here at Benchmarks HQ, we aspire to both style and substance. We want our work to pack a punch, bursting with flavor and the right hint of sweetness. Perfectly proved, precisely piped. No soggy bottoms.

Which is why we’re thrilled to announce we’ll be cooking up another edition of UK Benchmarks in 2023!

Once again we’re partnering with our pals at Rally in the UK to launch a comprehensive study of data and statistics from charities and NGOs from the United Kingdom. 

Interested in participating? Find out more and sign up here!

Wait, didn’t you already do this?

Yes! We released our first-ever UK Benchmarks in 2021 to help deliver a broader perspective on digital data, knowing that charities and NGOs across the pond are working toward the same goals US-based groups are. Many US-based organizations have deep connections overseas, and many NGOs based in the UK and across Europe receive substantial support from American audiences. 

We’re taking some of our learnings from the 2021 pilot to make participation in this year’s UK study even easier and smoother.

What happened to UK Benchmarks 2022?

TBH, the Benchmarks team had a serious baby boom and we simply weren’t able to staff it (#bunsintheoven). But we are (mostly) well-rested and (definitely) excited to jump back in.

But don’t worry! We’ll request a couple years’ worth of information so there won’t be any gaps in the data.

Is the data going to be different from last time?

Well, we won’t know until we look! That’s what makes extensive analysis of nonprofit data one of the most exciting human activities. 

We do know that the digital space is changing rapidly, and the annual Benchmarks study always delivers new insights and fresh surprises. We plan to once again treat groups from the UK as their own sector (like we do for Rights or Environmental organizations). This means they’ll still be factored into the overall numbers, but we will be able to see places where they differ significantly from American/Canadian groups.

Once again, UK groups will have their own sign-up and data collection processes due to technological and legal requirements. 

Will participating in the study be GDPR compliant?

Yes! You can find out more by visiting our privacy policy here

I’m interested in participating! Now what?

We’re glad to hear it! Head on over to this form and let us know you’re interested. We’ll follow up with next steps soon.

And if you want to explore the previous UK Benchmarks, it’s here for your perusal.  

On your mark, get set, bake!