What do these three campaigns have in common? They each used pressure to win the day.

At M+R, we love talking to passionate advocates about their causes. But often the most striking takeaway from these conversations is how focused the nonprofit community is on persuading key decision makers, rather than pressuring them.

In a perfect world, the side with the most persuasive argument would always win. But when it comes to moving your Congressional or corporate targets, the reality is that being right often does not get you very far. Sometimes you have to apply the screws a bit, turn up the heat, generate some public attention, hold some public events, etc., to get the results you want.

So how can your organization (no matter how small) succeed? Start by reading the new whitepaper about pressure vs. persuasion by M+R veteran, C.B. Pearson.

Inside you’ll find examples of pressure and persuasion tactics, along with 7 key questions to ask yourself as you begin to plan your new campaign, and a clear, easy-to-follow four-step process to help your organization turn up the pressure and win! Click here now to get started.