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Hey there!

Over the last year, M+R has convened periodic data co-ops among M+R clients. They’ve been focused on sharing email deliverability, engagement, and fundraising data between groups. And the results have been…dynamite! So much so that we’re making the process public, and we’re inviting you to see what it’s all about.

  • WEBINAR: March 9, 2022, 3–4pm ET
  • DESCRIPTION: Learn how organizations are reaching, reactivating, and rejuvenating donors and prospects who might otherwise slip through the cracks with Scout Quest, M+R’s super great new non-profit data co-op. 
  • SPEAKERS: include Karla Capers (Union of Concerned Scientists), Sheii Lindley (March of Dimes), Jessica Bosanko (M+R), and Matt Derby (M+R)
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Called Scout Quest,* our data co-op has been super helpful for participating organizations so far—both in identifying people who are good candidates to reactivate over email, and in advertising targeting. Anecdotally, groups were able to use this to safely reactivate tens of thousands of supporters on their email files, and some groups saw more than a 10:1 return on the work in just a few months (that’s revenue they brought in from people they reactivated by using the co-op data). 

This year, we’re opening up a limited number of slots in the co-op! This webinar is for you to learn more from us, and from how organizations have used the insights gleaned from the whole process. We hope you’ll come and find out what Scout Quest is all about!

*You might already know about Scout, M+R’s proprietary data dashboard that includes Scout Reports, Scout Ads, and Scout ROI. Until now, Scout has only been available to M+R clients. But Scout Quest…is way too great to keep to ourselves.