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Ever have that feeling that everything has fallen into place exactly as it was meant to be? Yoon Lee taking the helm of M+R is that feeling for us, and we’re delighted to share the news with our non-profit community.

You probably already know Yoon. She is currently (and will continue to be) a Partner at M+R and has been a force for good at M+R for the last eight years, most recently serving as our Digital Fundraising & Advocacy practice area lead. Before that — well, she was our (favorite!) client at the Smithsonian until we wooed her over to the consulting side of the world.

Yoon brings amazing experience to her new role, including marketing, fundraising, and media relations experience across many sectors and top-notch management of people and projects alike. She is a well-known and inspiring speaker at non-profit marketing conferences, and has led innovative engagement strategies for scores of organizations. Her significant business acumen has led to unprecedented growth at our firm, and her leadership in M+R’s anti-racism and equity work has helped us meaningfully evolve.

And, of course, her enthusiasm for our industry, our company, our karaoke nights, and our staff is utterly infectious. The reaction when we shared the news at our latest firmwide meeting was WOW:

Yoon’s role as M+R’s CEO is part of our inclusive leadership approach, which seeks to balance top-down, centralized decision-making with representation from members of various service areas, staff union, and leadership. We require a CEO who is experienced, decisive, emotionally intelligent, committed to anti-racism and equity, and with a clear and inspiring vision for the firm’s growth. That’s Yoon, in a nutshell.

We are so lucky to have her in this critical role! Want to say hello to Yoon? Find her at!