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Pack your bags, lock your tray table, and fasten your seatbelt: the 2022 M+R Benchmarks Study is ready for takeoff. Go explore the findings, charts, and analysis at

We’ve put a year’s worth of data from 187 amazing nonprofit partners through the X-ray machine, and we’re ready to take you on a tour of digital ads, social media, email, web traffic, and more. 

The full 2022 Benchmarks Study is waiting for you to explore right now (or download as a pdf so you can still check it out while in airplane mode). If you’re not the kind of person to take the scenic route, here’s an express route to some of the most important findings:  

  • Total online revenue for nonprofits increased by 3% in 2021, building on runaway growth for many sectors during the first year of the pandemic.
  • Monthly giving increased by 24%, and accounted for 22% of all online revenue in 2021.
  • Digital advertising investment by nonprofits increased by 19% — but budgeting choices varied widely between nonprofits of different sizes.
  • Email list sizes increased by 7%… and open rates increased at a truly suspicious rate.
  • Online ticket sales bounced back somewhat from the sharp decline in 2020, increasing by 13% and making up 12% of online revenue for nonprofits with ticket sales.
  • All or nearly all nonprofits reported an active presence on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. YouTube and LinkedIn were used by 75% of nonprofits, and 23% reported being on TikTok. No other social media platform reached 10% participation.

The complete data and analysis are available to explore for free at We hope you’ll join us for an informative and actually very fun data journey!

We will also be navigating the points of interest and answering the biggest questions on a special Benchmarks release webinar TODAY from 12:00–1:30PT/3:00–4:30ET. Sign up for the webinar now.