Using complete sentences, answer these 6 questions in the form below to make your perfect pitch. The M+R Fast Pitch tool will then put it all together so you can copy, paste and email the reporters on your media list.

Read our fuller advice about the do’s and don’ts of emailing reporters.

Also, here’s an example of what the pitch-maker results look like for a pitch alerting press to the hypothetical opening of a nonprofit drag queen beauty salon:

Hi Alex,

There’s a new nonprofit salon in town called “Halleloo Hair” that specializes in creating hair illusions for drag queens on a budget. With the return of Emmy-winning RuPaul’s Drag Race next month, I thought you might want to profile our work and the people we support.

I remember reading your feature story about wig glue last year and think you’ll bring a smart perspective to this issue.

Would you like me to connect you with the lead stylists and a couple local queens whom we have helped slay the stage?

– Michelle Visage

That’s it! Short. Sweet.

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