Watching the House floor these days feels like watching a parody of how the government should work, but not in a fun way like VEEP… more like a dumpster fire. But jokes aside, it’s yet another proof point that our democracy is in crisis. Add this dysfunction at the highest levels of government to the onslaught of attacks on our fundamental rights and the ongoing violence impacting our global community—reproductive freedom, voting rights, racial justice, LGBTQIA rights, our education system, and so much more—and the work can feel overwhelming. 

Also just a tad overwhelming motivating? We’re officially one year out from yet another extremely consequential election (see: all the big issues on the line in the previous paragraph!) We know advocacy is key to winning—both elections and the concrete policy changes that will have an impact on people’s lives, which is why my colleagues and I will be hosting a webinar on November 9: Countdown to Election Day—The road to victory starts HERE.

In this hour-long webinar, Kate Ryan and I (Christian LoBue 👋) from M+R Win will be joined by friends Ankur Asthana from M+R’s digital organizing team and Nehal Mahmoud from our Message and Audience Research team. We’ll help you hone your advocacy and electoral roadmap and point you toward what you should be doing today to fight for progressive change in 2024. 

We’ll dig in to key issues like:

  • The extremely volatile and shifting political landscape 
  • The rise of disinformation and its important impacts on messaging strategy—what’s new, what’s different, what you need to know for 2024
  • The changing strategies, tactics, and tech for mobilization and outreach
  • And a bunch more!

We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we’re ready for the fight. Join us on November 9 to start figuring out how to get your team and campaigns ready too!


Christian is the Executive Vice President of M+R Win—a one-stop campaign strategy shop that marries high-level political strategy with expert project management & strategic implementation. When she’s not getting in good trouble, you might find her at a Beyoncé concert or wrangling her 2 amazing kids alongside their chocolate lab, Kima. Yes, the dog is named after a character on The Wire