Bad pitches to reporters are easy. That’s why the inboxes of our reporter friends are overflowing with emails from PR people that are too long, irrelevant and boring.

M+R’s media team created a new tool for nonprofit PR officers that makes writing good pitches even easier — and way more powerful — than writing bad pitches. Here’s how to use it.

First: Find the M+R Fast Pitch Tool in our online toolshed along with about 10 other free online tools we made to help nonprofit communicators and fundraisers.

Second: Answer 6 short questions in the online form the next time you have a topic you want to pitch a reporter.

Third: Click “Make My Pitch” and your formatted pitch will appear, ready for you to copy/paste into your email to send a reporter. The tool will also warn you if your pitch is too long.

Home: Get even more advice about pitching reporters in our companion blog post: Four tips from a former journalist to use the next time you email a reporter.