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We are excited to report that the 2021 M+R Benchmarks Study is ready for you. Go explore the findings, charts, and analysis at

Thanks to contributions from 220 amazing nonprofit participants, this year’s Benchmarks Study covers detailed data including digital ads, social media, email, web traffic, mobile messaging, and more. 

These findings reflect the determination of so many nonprofits to advance essential missions in the midst of uncertainty, hardship, and tragedy. They also reveal the truly inspiring ways that millions of individuals found ways to contribute to their communities and the causes they hold dear. 

You will find surprises, inspiration, and a wealth of information in the full Benchmarks Study. For now, here’s some quick news you can use:  

  • Online revenue for nonprofits increased by 32% in 2020. This is extraordinary growth, and a sign of just how many people devoted themselves to doing good in 2020. Want more evidence? Here:
  • Nonprofits working to alleviate Hunger and Poverty reported a 173% increase in online revenue. In the year of pandemic, of quarantine, of isolation, people came together like never before.
  • Audiences grew across all digital channels. Email list sizes were up by 3%, Twitter followers increased by 25%, and mobile audiences by 26%.
  • Half of all nonprofit website visitors used mobile devices, though desktop users still accounted for the majority of transactions and revenue. The balance of traffic, transactions, and revenue continued to shift toward mobile users.
  • Nonprofits expanded their investment in digital ads, increasing investments by 33%. While the overall mix favored fundraising ads, there were stark differences in strategy and results for nonprofits of different sizes.  

The complete findings are available to explore for free at

We will also be reporting the key findings and answering the biggest questions on a special Benchmarks release webinar on April 28 from 1:00–2:30PT/4:00–5:30ET. Sign up for the webinar now. 

Thanks for reading—let us know on Twitter if you have any questions. And if you’re one of those 220 participating nonprofits, thank you so much for joining in. 


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