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It’s true that we really dig our data co-op, Scout Quest, and there’s one big reason why: Results. 

Finding and keeping engaged supporters is no small task these days. As a result, many nonprofits are dealing with increasing swaths of inactive email addresses: Folks that signed up at some point, took an action, or made a donation… and then sooner or later stopped opening your messages and found their way into an inactive file in the corner of your CRM. 

So, you have a pile of lapsed folks. What’s the big deal? Well, these are people who liked you enough to do something at some point — it’s a heck of a lot smarter to get them back into the fold than bank on constantly replacing them with ever-more new leads (you still have to do that too though of course). And, you can’t keep emailing them — that’s a fast way to upend your sender reputation, and then you’re unable to reach anyone. 

That’s why we built Scout Quest, our data co-op. We want nonprofits to be better able to thoughtfully tackle that growing pile of dead email addresses, and do it ethically.* It’s already been an exciting new source of revenue for many organizations. Like:

  • One nonprofit used Scout Quest to identify active records in an audience they had been suppressing. When added back, their initial sends resulted in increasing the number of people taking action by 44% and the number of donations by 61%.
  • Another organization received 600 donations at EOY from co-op-identified audiences.
  • Though the average ad tier participant saw a 78% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS), one nonprofit saw a 110% increase in ROAS compared to benchmark. The ROAS was on par with their top-performing audiences. 
  • One organization identified over 120,000 people who had been considered inactive but ended up having similar click-through rates to their full active file.

Want more? League of Conservation Voters identified 660,000 subscribers who went on to donate $211,429 over two years! Read all about it here.

We think we’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible with Scout Quest. We hope you agree! Please feel free to reach out to us to see what might be possible for you and your organization! And be sure to let us know you want to participate by September 12!


*ICYMI: Scout Quest is M+R’s new data co-op. Participating organizations share their supporter email, action, donation, deliverability, engagement, and fundraising behavior. In return, they receive volumes of rich, useful data about their supporters to help in targeting, re-engagement, advertising, and more. What makes it different? We don’t share access to your email file with other groups! Scout Quest provides donation patterns and email deliverability insights about people already on your email file.