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Pump up the jam! Raise your standing desk! If you post/tweet/gram/pin/snap for your nonprofit, it’s time to tone your social media muscles. When your mind is spinning with ideas and your to-do list is spinning out of control, how can you stay focused and stick to a digital routine? Do these 9 social media exercises every day and visualize your follower numbers climbing higher and higher. You can print out the 8.5×11 Social Media Calisthenics sheet here and hang it up somewhere that will remind you to do it tomorrow and the tomorrow after that. If you’re on your phone, keep scrolling down for the on-the-go workout. M+RExerciseInfographic_v6 Ride_v1 Jump_v1Build_v1Track_v1Lunge_v1Stretch_v1Run_v1 Sweat_v1Pump_v1 (1) Are there exercises we should add to the daily workout? Ride by @mrcampaigns and let us know.