Breaking news on your issue can be stressful, but it can also present a rare opportunity to get your point of view and expert voices into the news cycle.

What can you do to ensure your organization is ready the next time the Supreme Court makes a big ruling, a government agency releases a new report, or a corporation changes its policy and impacts your cause?

There’s no surefire way to melt away all the stress when you have to react to breaking news and the clock is ticking. But after reading our new whitepaper and undergoing these 3 rapid response spa treatments, you can at least be calm and collected (and quoted!):

benchmarks yoga

Before Bliss

  • Be more in tune with your inner-organization – what can you offer reporters?
  • Detox your media list – which reporters do you really want to write about your organization?
  • Massage your press connections – how can you deepen your relationships with press so they remember you when news breaks?

The During Cure

  • Scrub your messaging – do you have your statements ready to send right away?
  • Rejuvenate your relationship with reporters – what gossip can you share with press?
  • Boost your media circulation – are you getting in all the articles you can?

scrub your messaging

The Ever After

  • Rehydrate – recollect your thoughts and ask, what can we do even better next time?
  • Tone and strengthen your press connections – when should you next contact your top reporters?

So sit back, turn on some Enya, and relax while you read How to Be Cool As A Cucumber When News Breaks for Your Nonprofit.