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One of the most common questions we see on nonprofit listservs is: “Who’s the current op-ed editor at such-and-such-outlet?” Hopefully you’ll find your answer in our freshly updatedhot-off-the-press Opinion Page Yellow Pages. Bookmark this one for all your future op-ed needs!

Outlet Op-Ed Contact + Submission Guidelines LTE Contact + Submission Guidelines
Atlantic Dante Ramos (Senior Editor)

Whitney Dangerfield (Senior Editor)
Bloomberg View

David Shipley (Executive Editor)

Boston Globe Marjorie Pritchard,

Matt Bernstein, (617) 929-2917
Boston Herald Letterstoeditor@bostonherald
Business Insider Bob Bryan (Commentary Editor),
Chicago Sun-Times Lorraine Forte (Editorial Page Editor),
Christian Science Monitor
CNBC – Commentary Cindy Perman,
CNN Opinion Rich Galant (Managing Editor-Opinions)

Yaffa Fredrick (Opinion Producer) 212-275-8128


Op-ed submission guidelines

Crime Report – Viewpoints Stephen Handelman (Executive Editor),
Dallas Morning News Elizabeth Souder (Assistant Editorial Editor), Debora Fleck,
El País Carlos de Vega (Opinion and Editorial Editor),
Ensia – Voices Column David Doody,

Op-ed submission guidelines

Fast Company
Foreign Affairs

Op-ed submission guidelines
Huffington Post submission form
JTA Laura Adkins (Opinion Editor),
LA Times Terry Tang,

Op-ed submission guidelines
New York Times Chris Conway,

Kathleen Kingsbury (Opinion Editor),

Op-ed submission guidelines

Tom Feyer,, 212-556-1873

LTE submission guidelines

POLITICO Stephen Heuser (Agenda Editor + Editorial Director),

Maura Reynolds (Agenda Senior Editor), 212-275-8128

Op-ed submission guidelines

Op-ed submission guidelines
Quartz Clarissa Pharr (Deputy Ideas Editor),

Op-ed submission guidelines

Sacramento Bee Jack Ohman (Editorial Cartoonist and Associate Editor),

Gil Duran (CA Opinion Editor), 212-275-8128

LTE submission guidelines
The Chicago Tribune Chris Jones (Editorial Page Editor), Colleen Kujawa (Letters Editor),
The Conversation Martin La Monica (Director of Editorial Projects and Newsletters),
The Guardian Amana Fontanella-Khan,

Op-ed submission guidelines
To contact specific editorial departments/desks:
The Hill (& Congress Blog) Cathryn Kulat (Opinion Editor), 202-407-8008

Frank Craig (Opinion Editor)

Kyle Balluck (Senior Online Opinion Editor)

Op-ed submission guidelines

LTE submission guidelines

TIME Ideas Ben Goldberger (Executive Editor)

US News and World Report Debate Club
USA Today David Mastio,

Jill Lawrence,

Op-ed submission guidelines

Op-ed submission guidelines

Vox Karen Turner (Assistant Editor),;

Christopher Shea (Senior Editor),

Op-ed submission guidelines

Wall Street Journal Howard Dickman,

Robert Pollock,

Op-ed submission guidelines

Timothy Lemmer,
Washington Post Michael Larabee, op-ed editor,

submission form

Op-ed submission guidelines; submission form

LTE submission guidelines

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