We are M+R

Since 1991, M+R has been an active leader in many of the biggest movements, breakthroughs, and victories on behalf of people and the planet. Our founders are organizers at heart, and this grassroots spirit still guides our work today as we use online marketing, PR, and social media to engage the masses and raise money + raise hell for causes we believe in.

We’re proud to have taken on big fights against Big Tobacco and Big Oil and led the campaigns that passed NYC’s landmark smokefree law and blocked the Keystone XL Pipeline. And we’ve mobilized millions of people and raised nearly a billion dollars to help visionary nonprofits fighting for marriage equality, justice reform, reproductive rights, immigration, housing, Darfur, indigenous rights, and livable wages.


Adiyah Ali

Senior Vice President, Anti-Racism, Equity, and Inclusion Washington, DC

Ankur Asthana

Vice President New York City

Beth Dahlman

Senior Vice President
St. Paul, MN

Cameron Lefevre

Vice President Seattle, WA

Christian LoBue

Executive Vice President, Campaign Strategy, Boston, MA

Dan Rafter

Vice President Washington, DC

Dustin Kight

Vice President Portland, OR

Gwen Emmons

Senior Creative Director, Advertising
Philadelphia, PA

Jessica Bosanko

Senior Vice President Oakland

Jonathan Benton

Senior Vice President Washington, DC

Julia Rowe

Vice President, Operations Washington, DC

Katie Andriulli

Vice President New York City

Kristen Witkin

Vice President, Advertising New Hampshire

Liz Ertner

Senior Vice President New York City

Madeline Stanionis

Partner Oakland

Marc Ruben

Marc Ruben

Partner Boston

Marlee Walters

Vice President New York City

Melissa Hines

Art Director Boston

Michael Ward

Michael Ward

Partner New York City

Mike Jablansky

Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis New York City

Miranda Carter

Vice President 
Washington, DC

Nohemy Handal

Vice President, Finance
Washington, DC

Nzinga Koné-Miller

Senior Vice President Oakland

Patricia Brown

Senior Vice President/Controller
Washington, DC

Pem Brown

Senior Vice President Boston

Rachael Wolber

Vice President Oakland

Sang Lee

Senior Vice President, IT Washington, DC

Sarah DiJulio

Partner Washington, DC

Sofia Bennett

Vice President Seattle, WA

Steve Daigneault

Senior Vice President Atlanta

Tania Stewart

Vice President   Washington, DC

Will Valverde

Senior Creative Director
Rhode Island

Yoonhyung Lee

Partner Washington, DC

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New York

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262 Washington Street
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Marc Ruben


1611 Telegraph Ave, Suite 900
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