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M+R Social Media Content Generator

for endless content ideas

Stuck on what to post? Let us unstick you.



Fast LTE Tool


A form for creating ready-to-print letters to the editor.

Social Media Manners Manager

How to deal with comments on your nonprofit’s social media pages

Fast Pitch Tool

for Emailing Reporters

A form for PR pitch emails.



Chi-Square Test

for Response Rates

Find out if the difference in your online response rate is statistically significant.



for Average Gifts

Crunch the numbers and find out if the difference in your average gift is statistically significant.


Revenue Per Recipient

for Conflicting Results

This test calculates the amount of revenue from each person who receives an email to determine the difference between the two samples.


Benchmark Yourself

for Peer Comparison

Compare your organization’s online metrics to this year’s industry benchmarks, all in the form of your own infographic.


Papers + Ideas

for Inspiration

We have so much to tell you! Read our studies, whitepapers, and big ideas.


Social Media Calisthenics

for Nonprofit Growth

9 daily social media exercises to stay fit & grow your nonprofit followers

Twitter Media Lists

for Reaching Reporters

11 Lists categorized by issue for your nonprofit media relations



If This, Then Totally That

for Awesome Web Resources

Got a problem? Yo, we’ll solve it. (With our handy new free tool idea generator!)


Opinion Page Yellow Pages

for Submitting Op-Eds

Let’s go!




for Media Metrics

Learn how to measure & make a deeper impact with nonprofit media results.