There’s a diversity and inclusion problem in our industry and in our company. It’s a problem that is not ours alone – the problem reflects the same power dynamics that exist in broader society.

In recent months, M+R has taken a good, hard look at ourselves. We’ve attracted and hired a substantial number of women and LGBTQ staff — including many in our firm’s leadership — but we have been less successful in recruiting and hiring people of color and people from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

We *know* we can do better. And, we have to do better if we want to continue to build strong movements that challenge the status quo.

So, that’s what we’re aiming to do, starting with:

1 – Our brand new Fellowship program. This summer, we’re piloting a six-month fellowship program with the goal of identifying and providing online campaign experience to talented folks from historically marginalized and underrepresented communities in the digital industry. Oh – and this fellowship will – of course! – pay a fair living wage, because we believe everyone should be compensated for their work. Learn more here >>

2 – Free training for everyone. Lots of amazing organizations can’t afford to hire consultants like us. We’ve always been big fans of sharing everything we learn with our community, and now we’re doing more with free webinars for small but mighty organizations fighting for economic and racial justice. To be clear, this isn’t us marketing to groups. It’s education and tools that every one of us ought to have to fight and win. The first two sessions (in May and June 2017) are social media and writing for advocacy and fundraising! Register now for free >>

That’s the beginning. There’s more.

We’re set on increasing staff diversity in part through our Fellowship and also by improving our recruiting practices and ensuring that our workplace is inclusive and respectful in ways that include language, internal processes, and rethinking how our work with clients can exploit or tokenize marginalized people. That’s a big sentence…and it’s an even bigger job.

We’re seeking to increase client diversity as well. In particular, we want to serve more domestic racial and economic justice organizations. We’re in this work to make social change and alleviate suffering — and you just can’t fight climate or reproductive rights battles without also fighting for economic and racial equity.

This is just the beginning. These things will take time and painstaking effort at all levels of our company. We have a lot to learn but we’re willing to put in the work.

We can do better. We will do better. They say the revolution starts at home. We’re taking that to heart. This journey won’t be perfect nor will it be easy. Now, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.