11 Fun 2011 Flashbacks

From Facebook shares to infographics, we had lots of fun working with our clients last year. Here are 11 projects we had the most fun doing in 2011.

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Mobile is hot – is your organization optimized?

Several recent studies are revealing some pretty impressive stats showing the rise of mobile. Is your organization ready?

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Turning a state battle into a national victory

How do you build a groundswell of support for a state-specific issue where only the state’s residents can directly advocate with state legislators – and then how do you capitalize on your victory?

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Get your FREE copy of the 2011 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study!

More numbers to crunch and charts to geek out over? Check! Take a look at the brand-new 2011 benchmarks report to get this year’s findings.

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2010 Nonprofit Text Messaging Benchmarks Study

Note: This is an archived publication! Visit www.e-benchmarksstudy.com for the most recent versions of all our Benchmarks studies and Benchmarks Extras.
The 2010 Nonprofit Text Messaging Benchmarks report is the first of its kind. A joint venture between M+R and MobileActive.

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Nonprofit Organizing in 140 Characters or Less

Part I: Getting Started
The “Twitterverse” is going supernova, exploding with the power and energy of more than five million people worldwide reaching out for a way to stay connected.  Unique website visitors to Twitter.com from the U.S. alone have clocked in at more than 17 million.

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